The decline of Western civilisation

The sexualisation and Freudification of the 1960’s throughout the Western world- the seeds of it’s destruction?

Many people are raising concerns about the decay of Western civilization – with a lot of justification.

Looking back , a lot of people are pointing to the sexualisation and Freudification which characterized these trends.

The sexualisation occurred under the guise of “freedom” from all constraints. The result of this was that women lost the defence which was designed to protect women from just being used by men and when the men were finished with them , from being thrown to the wolves.

Thus they became mere objects for gratification.

The other trend which was discernible during the 1960’s was the Freudification of society. This eliminated the concept of good and evil from behaviour , everything became uncontrollable as it was nature that was the driving force not self discipline.

Thomas Jefferson once said that the definition of freedom was the substitution of imposed discipline with self discipline

Thus moral relativism became the norm and not the objective value which had prevailed prior to this . What wisdom is inherent in that statement.

Western civilisation was a wonderfully unique civilisation and I bemoan its decline.