Thomas Jefferson and post-Christian Europe

Thomas Jefferson once defined freedom as:

“Replacing imposed discipline with self-discipline”.

What relevance could this statement have for present-day Europe?

During the course of the nineteenth century, the previously strict separation between subject and object which formed the basis of the Christian world view enabled the development of modern day Science as the object being examined was separate from the subject carrying out the analysis. The Christian world view also gave the world, Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Charles Dickens, magnificent architecture and many more such treasures.
When the subject and object started to fuse, this was of great concern particularly for such authors as Dostojevski. In fact he predicted that the so-called “Liberals” who he hated would cause the deaths of at least 100 million people, which alas was the case in the 20th century.
Ultimately, the subject and object did then fuse in the philosophical thinking of European philosophy, whereby man became mere matter, without a soul, as he predicted.
Alas, the consequences of this fusion will render Europe psychologically and physically too weak to resist the onslaught resulting from the influx of Islamic immigrants.
In Sure 56 in the Koran, whereby putting aside possible errors in the translating thereof, it says
– that if a person is martyred, where the distinction between suicide and martyrdom becomes blurred, the reward will be a harem of virgins in heaven.
These words can not have been uttered by God, but rather can only be attributed to a troubled and unhappy mortal mind.
We have no one to blame except ourselves if we come under the iron rod of a tyrannical Islamic rule.
We have not taken heed of Thomas Jefferson’s warning!
The German poet Michelbeuern once stated-

“Religion is for the very stupid or for the very clever and for everything in between, Secular Humanism was invented!”

To which category do you belong?