Why do some people, not of Arabic descent, convert to Islam?

Why do some people , not of Arabic descent convert to Islam?

The peoples of the USA , Australia, Europe etc historically seen, are of European origin. This , in turn , means that the philosophical basis of their culture has been that underlying Christianity and is thus being coupled with the natural law principles based on Aristotle and later on Thomas Aquinas etc.

Therefore , each individual has the free will to either accept or not , to live by the ten commandments as set out by the old testament in the Bible.

But the free will to choose has as its underlying prerequisite the possession of sufficient psychological strength to be able to choose to live by the rules set out by the bible, which has been under constant attack by Secularism for the past two centuries. It has been the basis for Western Civilization since the time of Christ.

The fruits of Christianity have brought about the strict separation between subject and object and has thus enabled the independent analysis of objects , an essential component of science as we know it. I have discussed this theme in another article by way of the application of ideas put forward by Dostoyevsky in his book” The Brothers Kamarazov”.

In direct contradiction to this, is that of the complete “submission to Islam” i.e.to the will of Allah. This has as a consequence , there being no such thing as free will , one must submit oneself to the rules set out in the Koran, thereby inhibiting the development of scientific discovery, as has been the case under Islamic rule.

There is no death penalty for choosing not to live by the rules set out in the Christian bible. Under Islam , the death penalty does exist for those denouncing Islam.

This author would therefore argue, that for those people from European descent choosing to convert to Islam , are those who do not possess the necessary psychological strength to choose to live by the bible and prefer rather to have the imposition of Islamic laws placed upon them, where the lines are clear. They possibly find life easier to cope with that way.


prerequisite the possessing of sufficient psychological strength to do so. It is not an easy choice to live by