Elizabeth Brinsden

Born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. First piano lessons with Olive Ruane, several awards during this period including a medal from Trinity College London.

Law studies at the University of Western Australia.

Participation in the Concerto and Vocal Competition along with David Helfgott of the Oscar nominated film “Shine”.

Music studies at the Musikhochschule Vienna, Austria (Prof Hans Haselböck).

Appointed chief organist at St. Peter’s Church, Vienna; a position held for a period of 9 years. Extensive recital experience during this period.

1983: Organist for a church service held by Pope John Paul II in Vienna.

1985: Participation in the Olomouc International Organ Festival with the Moravian Philharmonie. Appearance as a composer (Salve Regina Fantasie for organ).

1986: Post-graduate studies in Musicology at Boston University USA.

Teaching experience in Boston, awarded a teaching prize there in 1992 (teacher of the year for Boston and the six New England states).

Extensive recitals in the USA, performances with an American cellist, Lila Ainsworth, and Rudolf Zeleka, harpsichordist.

2003: Beginning of artistic cooperation with Rudolf Zelenka, harpsichordist with specialization in the Bohemian Masters.

September 2004: Concert in England with Steven Morris, cellist.

Founding Organizer of the Cirkvice Music Festival, Cirkvice, Czech Republic.

2006: Recital in New Norcia, Western Australia.
Recital in Kaernten, Austria.
Recital in Vienna, Austria.

May 2008: Master Class in Organ Improvisation at the Conservatorium Bernedetto Marcello, Venice, Italy.
Recital in Filipov, Czech Republic.

September 2008: Recital in Venice Italy with Rudolf Zelenka (harpsichordist).

Performance at the Cirkvice Music Festival with Rudolf Zelenka October, 2008.

July 2009: Organ recital in Filipov with Rudolf Zelenka, Czech Republic.

August 2009: Organ recital in Sydney, Australia.

October 2009: Organ recital in Jachimov, Czech Republic.

November 2009: Organ recital with Rudolf Zelenka( harpsichordist) at the Libochvany Music Festival.

Solo organ recital in Decin on the newly restored Rieger organ.

At present :

  1. Since 1994: Senior lecturer in the economics faculty at the Jana Evangelisty University, Czech Republic.
  2. Since 2005: Teacher of the organ at the Conservatorium for Music, Teplice, Czech Republic.


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