Two Organs

Two Organs (English)

Two Organs translated into German by Thiess Jessen

Two Organs translated into Mandarin Chinese by U Shuang Chng (Malaysia)

Two Organs translated into Czech by Anna and Teresa Kinovičová

Pope John Paul 11’s visist to Vienna in September 1983 – organ improvisation: ELizabeth Brinsden

The style of this improvisation is pure and unadulterated that of Kenneth Landor Brinsden. His early widowed wife, Nancy Laura Brinsden, in her later years, would sit in front of it for hours on end, not possessing any knowledge of the German language, but just relishing and bathing in the harmonic and rhythmic styles of her husband!

Herberth Plamnek, star of the “Two Organs” and from whom the title is derived.
Photo taken in Vienna at Steinhof , Austria. Steinhof is renowned internationally for its architecture